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Belluccia is dedicated to Debi’s mother, aunt, and uncle…all talented creative people who inspired her to become an artist.

Belluccia Pro Calligraphy Font has four fonts in one! Belluccia Regular, Belluccia Contextual, Belluccia Stylistic and Belluccia Swashes. So you can mix and match letters to create a custom look!

By purchasing this font, you can easily create all of your wedding signage: invitations, envelope addressing, programs, menus, place cards, favor tags, thank you cards, etc..

Which of the Belluccia Fonts is for me? It depends on the program you're using and the amount of additional characters you want to have access to.

If you are using OPEN TYPE CAPABLE PROGRAMS like Illustrator or InDesign: You can purchase ANY of the Belluccia fonts. You will have full access to ALL of the additional letters, flourishes and ornaments in the glyph panel.

If you are using LIMITED ( Photoshop) or NON ( Microsoft Word) - OPEN TYPE CAPABLE PROGRAMS: You can purchase ANY of the NON-PRO or PRO fonts.

I've broken Belluccia Pro into four separate fonts and put them in the Standard Font folder that is included in your download. You'll want to install all four of these on your computer. Once you do, you'll see all four versions of Belluccia on your pull down font list. (Belluccia, Belluccia Contextual, Belluccia Stylistic and Belluccia Swashes) Just remember to change the weight to Bold if you've purchased the Bold package. By highlighting a letter, and switching fonts (ex: from Belluccia to Belluccia Contextual) you can mix and match from all four alphabet sets.

If you are using LIMITED ( Photoshop) or NON ( Microsoft Word) - OPEN TYPE CAPABLE PROGRAMS but you would like to have access to ALL of the extra letters, flourishes and ornaments I have a great option for you!

There's an app called "PopChar" made by Ergonis that allows you to access ALL of the available glyphs, just like you can in Illustrator. I use it myself. The regular price is $40. But I have arranged for purchasers of any of my fonts to receive a 30% discount. Just e-mail me @[email protected] and ask for the special discount link. This is only available if you have already purchased the font.

The Belluccia Font Family also contains Belluccia, Belluccia Bold, Belluccia Pro, plus Flourishes, Borders and Ornaments, which are sold separately and are available in this shop.

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