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The Dom Loves Mary Stylistic Calligraphy Font is a hand lettered classic calligraphy script. It's one of three styles available in this font family. If you look at the above graphic of the alphabet, you'll see what all of the letters look like.

The font also includes a set of flourishes and ornaments that are accessible in the glyph panel in OPEN TYPE CAPABLE programs like Illustrator and InDesign.

They are also represented in a graphic above. You can use them to embellish your project, and create frames and borders.

If you are working in Photoshop or Microsoft Word or another program that is not FULLY Open Type Capable, but you would like to have access to ALL of the extra characters, I have a great option for you!

There's an app called "PopChar" made by Ergonis that allows you to access ALL of the available glyphs. I use it myself. The regular price is $40. But I have arranged for purchasers of any of my fonts to receive a 30% discount. Just e-mail me @[email protected] and ask for the special discount link. This is only available if you have already purchased the font.

Dom Loves Mary is named in memory of my in-laws, Dominic and Mary Sementelli. Inspired by their 1952 wedding, I sought to create a classic, elegant script font that would serve their memory well.

Dom and Mary were opposites who were truly “made for each other”. A snazzy dresser, Mary was feisty, loved to dance, sing, and be the life of the party. Dom was cool, calm and collected and was happy to shine the spotlight on the love of his life. They balanced each other out in a really great way. Debi decided to create a hand-lettered font with them in mind represented by two totally different lettering styles, SCRIPT and TEXT, that were, like Dom and Mary, “made for each other”.

Click here for the Dom Loves Mary Stylistic User Guide: Dom-Loves-Mary-Stylistic-Guidebook.pdf

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